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    Friday, February 22, 2013

    Portmanteaus, a combination of at least two words, are fun!  Here are some examples:
    • Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch
    • Smoke + Fog = Smog
    • Short + Pants = Skort
    • Pregnant + Angry = The dumbest word, it made me mad to read it
    • Obnoxious + Replacement for a Sense of Humor = Snark
    • Gamers + Comedians = The Gamedians Podcast
     I like that last one!  It's got a ring to it.  Let's look into these Gamedians, shall we?

    Relevant Links:
    Gamedians Main Site!
    iTunes Download!
    Libsyn Download Site (for Android and Non-iTunes users)!
    Gamedians YouTube Channel!

    The long and short of the Gamedians podcast is that you download it and subsequently listen to comedians talk about video games for a while.  Hosts Andrew Dewitt, Dan Bialek and Asterios Kokkinos are here to delight and entertain you with their crippling video game addiction that they've turned into fodder for a podcast.  You like the Xbox?  Some Skyrim?  Maybe you want to throwback to Grim Fandago?  These are your guys.

    I remember the first time it hit home that the things I thought were awesome were actually the lamest, loser-y things.

    Unsurprisingly, many of their attempts to talk about video games end up in wild tangents.  The conversations on the whole are hilarious and often include the hosts getting riled up about whatever topic they land on. 

    Content Rating:  Tagged as Explicit.  There is swearing and content that is not work safe, so headphones on!  They aren't so much offensive as they are just vulgar, if that makes sense.  For example, they'll use swear words but there's no inherent vitriol towards whatever party their swearing about. 

    Average Episode Length:  You'll get about an hour of fresh-squeezed entertainment per episode.  The shortest episode runs at 34 minutes, while the longest episode tops out at an hour and forty!

    When I go to my Ewok market I look for free-range, no antibiotic Stormtroopers that have been treated humanely. 

    Drinking Game:  I am going to point you good people over to the Drunken Moogle, where they offer only the finest game themed adult beverages and accessories. 

    Release Schedule:  Oh!  We have a bi-weekly release on Gamedians!  Doesn't look like they hold to any specific days to release, so subscribe or check back often to see when a new episode drops. 

    Music: Eight bit music!  It's adorable and makes me smile when I recognize the song being covered.

    I have eaten mayonnaise because I didn't want to go get food.

    Unintentionally Good Part:  These guys have nerd history and their reminiscing is really fun to listen to on the podcast.  There are a lot of sweet memories of their nerdy parents tucked into the episodes that I enjoyed.

    Bonus Unintentionally Good PartAsterios Kokkinos' name.  It's just rad.

    Unintentionally Bad Part:  Makes me want to spend money on video games, when I need to save it for important things

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