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  1. Pod What Now?

    Wednesday, March 4, 2009

    This is a blog about podcasts.


    Yes, podcasts.

    Um, what?

    According to almighty Wikipedia, a podcast is:
    "a series of visual or sound which allows files which are distributed over the computer by syndicated download, through Web feeds, to portable media players and personal computers."
    All right, I'm listening.

    No, you're not. And that's the problem. From what I've experienced in my attempts to share information about podcasts with friends, family, and anyone too polite to tell me to go away, is that there is an overwhelming apathy surrounding podcasts. There is a wide world of alternative media at the fingertips of anyone with a decent Internet connection and no one cares. An entire spectrum of entertaining and informative content exists, but no one can be bothered. It appears that video did indeed kill the radio star, if by radio you mean podcasts, and by video star you mean cute cat macros.

    That metaphor seems to have escaped you.

    Sorry. Really, all this blog is intended for is to stir up more interest in podcasts.

    What do podcasts have to do with me?

    Take a moment and think of your hobbies, political views, your music collect, a favorite genre of books, websites that make you laugh, the stories you love to hear. Whatever you like, however you like it, there is a podcast out there that has your interests in mind.
    Tell me, what do you like?

    Oh! I like cooking!

    There's a podcast for you.

    I enjoy learning about history. And current events. And grammar!

    You've got it, nerd.


    Is this or is this not the Internet?

    Nice. So where do you come in, viddyviddy?

    I'll be providing as reviews for as many podcasts as I can shove onto my iPod. The intent of this blog is to provide both the novice and well practiced podcast afficianado alike to unique, interesting, and entertaining podcasts. Let me know what interests you, and I'll try and find a podcast that can relate! Go find a podcast you like, write up a review, and I'll post it on this blog!

    Seriously though, there are really porn podcasts?

    Stay the hell away from my computer.
    This is going to be a wonderful adventure.