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  1. Hey, so, this podcast review is-



    (suck it SDCC, you had your turn)

    I love Dragon Con. I would love it to pieces, but it is so structurally sound that my love would only further reinforce its foundations. Tens of thousands of nerds, crammed together in a few city blocks. I love the stars, the panels, the sight of tenacious nerds wearing full-body, rubber costumes in 95F+ weather. I'd rub my face in it if I weren't afraid of the contagious diseases I might pick up.

    But Viddyviddy, you say, why should I care? I came here for a podcast review! Well buckle up, toots, because I just found a peanut butter and chocolate collision with a podcast about Dragon Con.

    The Unique Geek – it's a discussion group, photo gallery, podcast, and dessert topping all in one.

    Woo! This is The Unique Geek podcast, featuring their "50 Days of Dragon Con Primer".

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    Content Rating: Explicit, and tagged as such in iTunes.

    Average Episode Length:  A quick glance tells me that the average length is about 50 minutes.

    It is, as the kids say, 'off the chain'.
    Dragon Con is the greatest 4 days of geekery you will be able to find east of the Mississippi, and The Unique Geek (UG) is here to give you the low-down on the hoedown. Any convention can be an overwhelming mass of people, events, and places and the UG is here to provide you with a helping guide to making the best of the 24 hour insanity that can be Dragon Con. They cover important topics ranging from the light hearted discussion of panels, to the super-super-incredibly-useful information about things like the disabilities services available at the convention.

    Bonus Content: You can watch a Dragon Con staff member navigate a hotel bathroom in his wheelchair to show examples of accessibility. Interesting stuff, and an eye opener if you don't have to deal with it.

    The hosts vary per their expertise on certain subjects, and features interviews with the President of Dragon Con, track directors, and people who get their hands dirty to make one of the nation's largest fan-run conventions function. Even if you're not going, it is a neat insight into how a horde of volunteers can entertain thousands of people for an annual weekend of nerdom.

    Drinking Game:  Take a drink every time:
    • The hosts mention a show you are a fan of
    • You recognize a celebrity name
    • The 501st are mentioned
    • One of the hotel names is said

    Release Schedule: Damn near every day. They take this '50 Days' thing seriously, folks.

    Unintentionally Good Part: This podcast makes me think of Dragon Con, and I look forward to Dragon Con the same way little kids look forward to Christmas. I think I have it better, because although Santa is pretty rad, my holiday involves copious amount of alcohol and the guys from Myth Busters.

    Unintentionally Bad Part: Some episodes have less-than-average mic quality. Not too bad, but I had to fuss with my volume a few times.

    Unrelated rating: Four disturbing Leeloo costumes out of five.
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  2. Whether you have fitness goals, business goals, or personal dreams, this is your source for success!

    I am eternally wary of people who wish to motivate me. My cynical nature forbids me to look at anyone who wants to tell me, however earnestly, to 'be the best me I can be' without my eyebrow raising up in reflexive skepticism. Maybe I don't want to achieve! Maybe it was my goal today to dip Fritos into a jar of cold queso! YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!!

    But then again, it is nice to have someone tell you that you're free to be you (and me). Once in a while, I need to be reminded that, much like the kitten hanging from the branch, that I need to just hang in there, baby. There's a difference between trying to gird your loins against the iniquities of the world and hearing a voice that exists outside of your head agreeing with you. Sometimes, even when you know that all the weird body/wealth/swag related insecurities the world tries to press on you is bullshit, it is nice to hear someone else agree with you and let you know you're all right so long as you do your best.

    That's nice. I like that kind of motivation. More talking about shaking off unreal expectations and maintaining good habits, less of the "bald eagle soaring majestically poster with a world like AMBITION" posters that are all over my workplace.

    Trish Blackwell's Confidence on the Go wants a little bit of your time to help you realize the awesome within. 

    Relevant Links:
    Trish Blackwell's Main Site!
    Podcast Archives!
    Trish's Twitter!

    Content Rating: Clean, and marked as such in iTunes.

    Average Episode Length:  A sample of five episodes show an average time of 34 minutes.

    Drinking Game: There is something that feels sketchy about a drinking game tied to a motivational podcast. How about we say you set a goal for today, and tie the goal to a favorite snack. Once you complete the goal, you get the snack! Mmm, goal oriented cupcake...

    The difference between you who is going to change and someone who is not is that you are going to make a decision to be open to change.

    Host Trish Blackwell manages to walk the fine line of motivational catch phrases and earnest real-talk. I initially flinched each time that she used a phrase such as "accelerating my personal motivation" because saying things like "believe to achieve!" and "reach for the stars" is great and empowering, but that don't put money in the bank account or get a person off the couch and into the gym.

    However! Blackwell is out to pin down the issues people are dealing with in their lives, and show how to move past them. Body image issues, tearing down the "facade of perfectionism" that hides real issues, all the stuff that you might acknowledge on the edge of your thoughts as negative influences, but can never really shake off. It's encouraging without being pandering, and I appreciate that.

    Release Schedule:  Once a week, with no set day.

    Unintentionally Good Part: Trish Blackwell believes in the power of reading, and that's awesome because books are awesome.

    Unintentionally Bad Part:  Trish Blackwell is a personal trainer and does want you to pay her for her training services. The podcast is wholly free, but expect a little sales pitch at the end of each episode. There's nothing wrong with her trying to sell her services, I just want you to be aware so you don't get all jaded about it.

    Unrelated rating: Those last 2 minutes out of a 6 minute mile you're working towards (you can do it!).
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