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    So that means you like cool things, right?  Naturally.  Your instinctive good tastes lead you to coolness like a lightning bolt to a tragically unconcerned golfer.

    Well it just so happens that I have a cool thing that you should take a look at.  It's not really my cool thing, but it was made by cool people who subsequently want to share their coolness with other cool people.

    Like you.

    It's a documentary (hang on, I'm getting to the cool part) about comics.  Trust me on this one.

    Check out their cool video, which is also totally sweet:

    Those cool people made the documentary and now it is up to cool people like me and you (you are cool, right?) to help them get the money they need to properly finish it and make it the epitome of cool.  We're not talking star-swipes left here, kids.  This documentary will be so cool, you'll be able to take your DVD of it (which you can get when you back this project with $25 or more) tap it on a broken jukebox and make it work.

    That is, if you're cool.  You're cool, right?

    Kickstarter Page.  Drop a few bucks, make something cool happen, get cool stuff in return.

  2. StarTalk Radio Show

    Sunday, August 7, 2011

    StarTalk Radio Show with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson... I think I recognize that name.  Where have I seen him before?

    Maybe it was on one of his many interviews on The Daily Show and Colbert Report?

    Perhaps I've seen him in a totally sweet science-based jam?

    Oh, that Neil DeGrasse Tyson!

    Now you and I get to know him via the magical world of podcasts with the StarTalk Radio Show.

    Although I probably shouldn't use the world "magical" in regards to a podcast steeped in progressive scientific thinking... so, uh, join me, won't you, as we travel into the realm of audio-based digital media that is StarTalk.

    Relevant Links:
    Main Site!
    Want to know something about how the universe works?  Submit a question!

    StarTalk itself lacks a store, but feel free to check out some Neil DeGrasse Related items here.

    You may have gathered that StarTalk is focused around the discussion of discoveries both recent and past, information regarding and just some cool facts about space.  StarTalk has featured throughout its many episodes meteorologists and astronomers to help explain what we can see from earth as well as astronauts and astrophysicists that can reveal all the interesting things that are busy existing in the greater universe.  

    Tyson:  What's your most indelible memory from the entire Apollo era?
    Roger Launius:No question, it's the moon landing.  It was very exciting but I got to tell you, as Neil set foot on the moon I was sitting on the hood of a car listening to the broadcast on the car radio, there was a girl beside me and let me tell you what was going on on the moon was not my first priority.

    Content Rating:  As clean as the room they built the Hubble telescope lens in.  Which, from what I understand, was incredibly clean.  To be honest, there is a fair bit of innuendo-y jokes, but nothing that should make you blush.

    Average Episode LengthKept tight around forty-seven to fifty minutes. 

    I would be remiss in my review if I didn't include all the various guests that StarTalk boasts.  Neil Tyson DeGrasse manages to hook Jon Stewart, John Hodgman, Morgan Freeman (!), a bevvy of respectable NASA-related scientists, more astronauts than you can shake a stick at and when he's not talking to a guest he is chatting with his co-host Lynne Koplitz.  Koplitz provides an "everyman" voice for the podcast, making sure Tyson provides explanations for whatever topic he brings us and keeping him on his toes with witty banter.  It feels like Tyson does best when he has someone to talk with, rather than if he only had the listening audience to talk to, so Koplitz really helps make the show excellent. 

    Tyson:  I love July!
    Koplitz:  I love July, I love July in New York, it's a lot of fun.
    Tyson: Why, what do you do?
    Koplitz:  'Cause the men are so distracted by all the breasts that are out, it's just hilarious.  You can almost make taxi cabs wreck.
    Tyson:So do you have notches on your bra for how many taxi cabs you've wrecked?
    Koplitz:  I have notches on my bra for a lot of things but let's get on with the science, shall we?

    Release Schedule:  StarTalk earns its status as a Radio Show by being broadcast live, every Sunday at 6pm Eastern. 

    Music:  The opening song is ready to GET YOU PUMPED for astrophysics!

    Drinking Game:  Take a drink everytime:
    a) A Latin word is used.
    b) Someone says an acronym.
    c) An astronaut is interviewed.

    Tyson:  What's your favorite element, by the way?
    Jon Stewart:  I'm a huge carbon fan, I enjoy the molecular slut of the table of elements.

    Unintentionally Good PartBILL NYE.  Most shows have a little introductory thing by Bill Nye!  Shut up, you know that's awesome.

    Unintentionally Bad Part:   Well, this is one more nerd podcast so if you're not into DISCOVERING THE MAJESTY OF THE UNIVERSE, I guess you might not like it.  If things like AMAZING SCIENCE and FASCINATING INNOVATIONS don't catch your attention, then this podcast will not intrigue you.

    Neil Tyson DeGrasse's love of discovery and science and math and all that kind of crap is palpable, and his enthusiasm is etched into this podcast.  His guests are erudite and often funny, it is just the right length for its content, and space is awesome.  So go give it a listen, won't you?