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  1. TableTop (a Thing on YouTube!)

    Sunday, May 27, 2012

    Dear Readers,

    Let's take a bold step away from podcasts for a moment.  I know,  I'm as scared as you are.

    Hold me, reader!

    Wash your hands first, though, hygiene is critical in inter-Internet-personal relationships.

    Sometimes even I don't listen to podcasts!  Sometimes I do other things!  Especially when I'm a dumb ass and forget both sets of headphones at work.  That's when I'm forced to turn to other forms of entertainment.  Like all them moving pictures on the YouTubes!  There sure are a lot of them.  Allow me to show you one that I like in particular, won't you?

    For your consideration, I offer the board game stylings of TableTop.

    My major goal behind this site and all of my podcast reviews is to show other people things that I enjoy, in the hopes that they will enjoy them as well.  If I were a dry cleaner or a car lot, that would be the thing engraved on the elegant "Mission Statement" plaque hung up in the front lobby.  I want to promote the works of creative people who do cool things that are also awesome and fun.  Every once and a while I might step outside of podcasts to help give a signal boost to a thing I like.

    And of course, I also make sure to promote things that everybody and their mother already know about.  Like TableTop.

    Wil Wheaton, beloved nerd who is in pretty much every damn thing relating to geek pop culture, is your Tabletop host.  He provides a setting in which he can gather friends to play board games, card games, and anything that can be played on a tabletop (get it!?) together.  While Wheaton is a well practiced gamer, most of the guests on the show are what the youngins' refer to as "newbies".  The play session is recorded, and hilarity ensues.

    Content RatingClean!  Bad words are bleeped.  Might be some innuendo if that knots your delicate panties. 

    This show provides a great way for those interested in board games beyond the worn copy of Monopoly in their closet to see how a board game is played, and whether or not they'd be interested in purchasing it for their own collection.  The rules of each game are explained so that viewers can pick up the basics and their are some nice post-production effects to help you see where and why players do what they do.

    TableTop has a great feel to it as you watch.  Wheaton is delighted to introduce people to new games and his guests are raring for some friendly competition.  Most of the guests are celebrities of varying recognition and are prepared to be aesthetically pleasing to your senses.  

    Unintentionally Good Part:  How the set pieces change in the background to thematically match whatever game is being played.

    Unintentionally Bad Part:  I am not there playing games with Wil Wheaton.  Boo.

    If you play table top games, if you enjoy delightful people playing board games while you watch, or if you never realized that there were board games beyond Snakes and Ladders and that Ouija board you hid under your bed from your parents, this show is for you.  I highly recommend it and think you should go check it out!

    So get to it!

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