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    Saturday, January 14, 2012

    For Christmas, I recieved the following:

    A chocolate bar with a picture of a kitten on it (no actual kitten used in the chocolate bar)
    Comfy pajamas (an annual favorite)

    A soprano ukulele, to be accurate.  And it's great!  The ancestral Viddy manse has been filled with the gentle plink-a-plonk-a of my attempts at trying to learn songs.  Did you know there are tabs for all the songs you can think of?  There are!

    Now when most people think of a ukulele, they think of something like this:

    Yeah, yeah the ukulele can do that.  But it can also do this:

    And even this:

    The river of the ukulele runs wide, and it runs deep.  You're going to want a guide to get to the best ukulele-related content on the web.  You're going to need Ukulele Hunt.

    Relevant Links:
    Main Site!
    Get the podcast through iTunes!
    A Tumblr!  All the cool kids have Tumblrs these days, right?

    The Ukulele Hunt website is just chock-full of information from reviews to tutorials and a really swank logo. 

    Music:  Funny I should have this category!  Turns out that the Ukulele Hunt podcast's main feature is a veritable buffet of ukulele-utilizing performers.  Classical, silly, pop, sad, saucy, there's a tune for every genre and a few minutes to spare on this podcast for all of them  Host Bossarocker (ain't lyin') leads her listeners through a guided tour of ukulele-related music, pausing along the way to let people stretch their legs and take pictures at scenic parks.  And by "scenic parks" I mean "interviews with people who play the ukulele."

    Content RatingExplicit.  See "Unintentionally Good Part." 

    Drinking Game:  There ought to be a good one for this podcast, shouldn't there?  Okay:
    • Drink for each ukulele solo
    • Drink each time a song changes, and you didn't realize it until a minute and a half into the new song
    • Drink when you're drunk enough to be surprised and charmed by the host's accent.
    That should keep you going.  

    Average Episode Length:  Approximately 48 minutes (over two thousand seconds!). 

    Unintentionally Good Part:  From their FAQ (children look away):

    Did you know ‘Uke Hunt’ sounds rude if you say it out loud?
    No, and anyone who thinks that has a filthy mind. I’m far too innocent to have any idea about that sort of thing.

    Unintentionally Bad Part:  Unlike the kazoo, the ukulele is not a magical device that makes any song better.  Given the wide variety of songs, you are bound to hit on some that don't match your taste.  Luckily for us, you can fast-forward through podcasts.  Yay!

    More YouTube!:

    Ukulele Hunt.  Give it a try!  I promise you'll experience it.

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