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    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    The world's first, best, only, and last talkback-enabled interactive audio podblast.  

    The Internet is inescapable these days, as you are already aware.  You use it for entertainment, study, pretending to study, ordering pizzas, posting bizarre Craigslist ads and so much more!  If the Internet isn't already a part of every facet of your life, it soon will be.

    So why not embrace it?  If you're ordering your pizza online, why not demand that you be entertained during the process?  If you're going to listen to a podcast then darn it, that podcast should be able to interact with its listeners!

    Wherein we turn to Tweet Me Harder.  Per the quote at the top of this review, you can (or could), not only listen to people talking, but talk back.  Not going to lie, it's pretty rad.

    Relevant Links:
    Tweet Me Harder Main Site!
    ... and uh, usually I put a ton of links up right here, but these guys did a great job with their site.  All their social media, where/how you can download to the podcast, store, and updates are easy to find.  Who would have thought that two guys who make a living on the Internet would understand how to put a site together, right?

    Tweet Me Harder is a podcast that allows the listeners to guide the conversations of the host, Kris Straub and David Malki(!).  Kris and David are already well-practiced in the art of the klatch and have little need beyond themselves, a talking point, and a mic to record it all.  More or less your basic Two Guys Talking style podcast.

    But wait, there's more!

    This podcast was originally streamed live to an audience that was encourage to participate.  People could respond to questions and calls for fresh subjects by the hosts, as well as record stories that would be later played on the show.  Whatever the audience threw at them, the hosts would take in stride and try to incorporate it into the show.  Usually, this brought about some very interesting topics that get spun into funny conversations.  It also lead to some very interesting topics:  

    MALKI!:The human body is only tethered to earth and subject to gravity by virtue of the life force coursing through it and when it dies, it becomes buoyant so you gotta rush that away!  You've got to take that to a funeral home, you gotta pump all that blood out-you can point that nozzle up-what do you think they do with that blood?  Do you think there's a barrel like an oil change place?  No they just put that nozzle out the window and it goes up and seeds the clouds and later on it rains your father.

    They're all over the place. 

    Music:  A goofy little accordion tune when they change topics, and Kris Straub raps the intro.  I would like to state that this may be one of only a handful of raps-made-for-the-Internet that don't make me cringe.  It's quite good!

    Content Rating: Moderately explicit.  To be honest, I can recall any particular swear words, but the topics can be odd enough that you might want to use headphones if your listening at work.

    Drinking game:   Oh, let's see... take a drink every time one of the hosts groans at a bad listener contributed pun.

    Release ScheduleTweet Me Harder is officially complete!  So...there really isn't a release schedule to speak of anymore, is there?

    Average Episode Length:  'Bout an hour. 

    Unintentionally Good Part:  The sub-genre of grading bulk rate mail:  Junk Me Harder.  Here, they assign arbitrary values from a made up point system to articles of junk mail sent into them.  There is only one existing entry, but it is a fantastic study in the stupid, stupid minutiae of junk mail. 

    Unintentonally Bad PartTweet Me Harder is reliant on listener contributions to steer their conversations.  That's pretty much all the structure that goes into this podcast.  It is a very loose, random talky-talk podcast to behold.  If a current conversation thread in the podcast doesn't catch your attention it can be easy to lose interest slogging through an episode until things pick up. 

    As it stands now, Tweet Me Harder is a complete podcast.  No more episodes, all done!  If you haven't heard of it before, this may be somewhat of a bummer as the "interactive" portion of the interactive podcast is now removed.  That being the case, I still really enjoy this episode, despite never hearing a live episode.  The artifacts of this podcast are worth listening to and I highly recommend it.  If you like esoteric humor and social media, then make sure to check out Tweet Me Harder.  Give it a chance, maybe even give it a second chance, and see if you like it.

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