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    Friday, May 10, 2013

    As you know from reading all of my reviews, I celebrate a few, crucial things about podcasts:

    • You can listen to them as you please, at your own pace and often while doing other, menial tasks (thereby making the task enjoyable).
    • You can super-easily skip content you dislike, and replay content you do like.
    • Podcasts are easy to get on lots of different mediums.
    • Podcasts are free.
    That last one?  Free is a big thing.  You can, and should, go on to support your favorite podcasts monetarily, but free is amazing when you want to sample 20 different podcasts to find the 4 that you will enjoy for years.

    But right now, I'mma tell you something.  Something that no one on the Internet wants to hear.

    Sometimes?  Sometimes you have to buy some stuff.  Which leads me to Kickstarted funded podcasts.

    Kickstarter funded podcasts were just brought to my attention by Penny Arcade.  They're bringing their excellent podcast back at a pay-as-you-choose price, and you can get in on it early with their Kickstarter for Downloadable Content.  I've already reviewed the existing episodes, and they're bringing it back!  Hooray!  I love this podcast and will gladly donate to get it back and get PA content back in my ears.

    But did you know that there are lots of podcasts that you can support on Kickstarter?  I didn't, and I review the damn things! 

    Here are some options.

    There are lots of people out there who are asking for your help to create podcasts.  I highly recommend that you go shop around and see if anything catches your fancy.  Your donation could help fuel the next #1 iTunes podcast!  Or you could just help a few people make something that you will enjoy.  Check it out! 

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