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    Friday, January 25, 2013

    Space:  the final frontier.  Uh, something about the Enterprise... prime directive... that one episode with tribbles...

    Huh, I thought I knew more of the Star Trek intro.  Oh well!  Can I repair my geek cred if I admit I still know the DuckTales theme (a-whoo-ooh)?

    Anyways, the point I'm trying to make is that the whole "boldly going where no man has gone before thing" is a fascinating aspect of science.  NASA is often at the fore of such exploratory projects, and over the years has, to put it mildly, done some rad stuff.

    Send a satellite hurling through the void of space with a golden record affixed to it so that we might make contact with our future Alien Overlords?  DONE.

    Strap humans on top of enormous fuel tanks with wings so that they might shake off the bonds of earth and go hop around on the moon?  DONE.

    Pester Mars incessantly with rovers?  YOU BETCHA.

    Turns out when they're not busy mocking gravity, NASA finds the time for podcasting.   They have several podcasts to offer, but I'll be focusing on the "omnibus" podcast, NASA - This Week @NASA.

    Here's where I need that sound effect from old news reels that goes 'deet-deet-de-deet-de-dee-deet"

    This week at NASA [swooshing space noise]...

    Relevant Links:
    Main podcast website
    Download via iTunes
    @NASA on Twitter
    NASA facts!

    Ooh, there's a podcast about the Hubble telescope?  Neat!

    Content Rating:  So clean you could build scientific instruments in it.

    Average Episode Length:  About nine and half minutes by the looks of the episodes I have downloaded.  It's like getting a postcard from spaaaaaaaace!

    Drinking Game:  Get drunk quick version:  drink every time they mention something that is currently not on Earth.  For the slower version, only drink when said non-Earthbound object is controlled by a foreign country. 

    Release Schedule:  Weekly, with a new episode every Friday.

    You get to hear about what the Curiosity rover is up to, what's going on in NASA overall, what will be going on in NASA eventually, and you get to hear phrases like-

    Using Dexter, a two armed Canadian robot on the station...

    There's going to be a little nugget of information that you'll find interesting in every episode.

    Music:  A little intro beep-boop, a little outro beep-boop music.  Not much to speak of here.

    Unintentionally Good Part:  The short length is just right.  If a particular topic catches your interest, you can find another podcast that goes into more depth, but this overall summary of what's going on with NASA fits your ears just right.

    Unintentionally Bad Part:  I am not an astronaut, and this saddens me.

    Unrelated rating: Three Space Food Sticks out of three.

    [HA!  Did you know that the crew of Gemini III snuck a corned beef sandwich on board?  They got reprimanded for it.]

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