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  1. Seven Day Cooldown

    Tuesday, July 3, 2012

    Reddit!  It's a thing on the Internet.  I am not a redditor, or one who uses Reddit, because there are already enough time sinks I participate in that if I pick one more up I will literally become one with my computer chair.  And since I don't feel like submitting to a life of wet-wipe baths, I probably won't sign up for an account.

    But I did click around randomly, and it's pretty cool!  People post things, other people decide if that thing is cool or not, and the best things float to the top of the screen.  At least, I think that's how it works.  Am I close?

    I'm just gonna... keep clicking on things... ha!  Oh, that's a cool thing, lemme click on that... 

    Anyways, there's this podcast called Seven Day Cooldown and it came from reddit so let's check it out, shall we?

    Relevant Links:
    Main Site!
    Seven Day Cooldown on Reddit which could also be the main site?
    The podcasts!

    Content RatingExplicit!  Naughty words ahoy, but not particularly foul content. 

    Average Episode Length:  Let's say about 56 minutes?  Yes, yes, let's say that.

    hah, okay so the /r/aww is super-adorable         
       there's one just for cats?
                           little kitty-cat, gonna pet you with my mouse icon

    What?  Right.  Podcast review.

    Seven Day Cooldown is a podcast that consists of people who play video and computer games, talking about video and computer games, with people who make video and computer games.  An interview show in format, Seven Day Cooldown provides the Qs while their guests provide you with all the As allowed by their current NDAs.  You like moving pixels around on a screen so that you can score points in an arbitrary system?  This podcast is the one for you. 

    The interviews are thoughtful, interesting, and open up a lot of industry discussion that ought catch your attention.  There is an odd sense of decorum in this podcast that I really like:  hosts are treated with respect, and in turn they provides lots of cool words about games they work on. 

    Drinking GameHEY!  They actually one!  Okay, so technically this is for Reddit, not Seven Day Cooldown.  To make it more relevant, um... take a drink every time a guest has to avoid answering a question. 

    Whoops, rage comics!  I'm back.  Let's get the rest of this review over so I can go click on more screenshots.

    Release Schedule:  The last podcast was released in May, so I'm going to say this is an occasional release.  This podcast relies on guests, and these guests are of high caliber, so it probably takes a while to schedule shows. 

    Music:  Just a tad. 

    Unintentionally Good Part: This quote:

    If wishes were horses, the Koreans would love us.

    Unintentionally Bad Part:  If you are not a child of the Internet, and up to date on your gamer news, than you may not get what they're talking about at some points.  This is "a podcast made for gamers, by gamers" as stated by their Facebook account, and they don't intend to help you play catch-up.

    Unrelated rating:  I'd give it an upvote.

    They had Gabe friggen Newell as their first guest.  GO LISTEN.  Then go click on things in Reddit.

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