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    Thursday, March 8, 2012

    You know that cool uncle you have?  The one that always remembers to bring your a souvenir when he visits, and let you "drive" his truck when you were seven?  Turns out that's Tom Wilson, and he has a podcast called Big Pop Fun

    First:  Tom Wilson is the actor that portrayed Biff in Back to the Future (among other roles).  Take a moment, soak it in, say the quotes that you've memorized.  We good?  A'ight.
    I'm Tom, your sometimes far-less-than perfect guide through the magical sleigh ride of entertainment.
    Relevant Links:
    Release Schedule:  Weekly, with a new podcast each Friday.

    Average Episode Length:  Hell, I dunno... like, 50 minutes?  How's that fit ya?

    Music:  A cute little intro with a good, uh, introduction.  Yeah, that sounds right.  Not a lot to speak of otherwise.  

    Content Rating:  Clean.  Even if Tom Wilson did choose to swear, his voice is so charming you wouldn't mind.
    [People are] always curious, especially as an actor.  "What do you do? What are you doing tomorrow?"  and you say, "Well, I'm preparing for auditions and I'm writing but I'm semi-retired so I decide what I'm going to do.  It's semi-retirement and I may just go to the basement and start carving duck decoys."
    Tom Wilson has lived the kind of life that results in a catalog of interesting stories and wouldn't you like to hear a few?  Of course you would!  That's the main point of Big Pop Fun and what makes it so enjoyable.  The whole formula of the thing is:
     Listener (you) + a Folk What Talk Good (Tom Wilson) =  Rad Podcast (Big Pop Fun)
    I won't even ask you to show your work.  On occasion Tom will invite a friend to the podcast and record their conversations, which generate more interesting stories to listen to!  There's a lot of discussion of the ins and outs of show business, recollections of the past, funny celebrity moments, and anecdotes, anecdotes, anecdotes.   
    Unintentionally Good Part:  Strictly speaking, this doesn't have much to do with the podcast itself (scandal!), but you really need to check out Tom Wilson's art.  He's a pop culture icon, painting pop culture icons, which boils down to lots of awesome drawings of retro toys.  Very cool!
    Unintentionally Bad Part:  For a show called "Big Pop Fun," things can get surprisingly heavy in the conversations that take place.  Like, so depressing that I have actually had to take off my headphone and look at my iPod in disbelief at what I was hearing.  Woof, man.  These sad topics can sneak up on you when you're not expecting them and may bum you out.
    Tom Wilson has that earnest way of speaking that always engages me in a podcast, and I think you should give Big Pop Fun a try.  Get to it! 

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