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  1. Hey, you're cool, right?  Of course you are, just look at you, brimming with coolness (I like that shirt, good color on you).

    So that means you like cool things, right?  Naturally.  Your instinctive good tastes lead you to coolness like a lightning bolt to a tragically unconcerned golfer.

    Well it just so happens that I have a cool thing that you should take a look at.  It's not really my cool thing, but it was made by cool people who subsequently want to share their coolness with other cool people.

    Like you.

    It's a documentary (hang on, I'm getting to the cool part) about comics.  Trust me on this one.

    Check out their cool video, which is also totally sweet:

    Those cool people made the documentary and now it is up to cool people like me and you (you are cool, right?) to help them get the money they need to properly finish it and make it the epitome of cool.  We're not talking star-swipes left here, kids.  This documentary will be so cool, you'll be able to take your DVD of it (which you can get when you back this project with $25 or more) tap it on a broken jukebox and make it work.

    That is, if you're cool.  You're cool, right?

    Kickstarter Page.  Drop a few bucks, make something cool happen, get cool stuff in return.

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