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  1. Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    If the news of the day you are privy

    But you wish for delivery more silly,

    Than never you fret,

    For a more than safe bet

    You can listen to Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

    Have you ever found yourself longing to have news served to you in limerick format? Tired of listening to relevant facts, when all you really want to hear about are stories involving British Television shows and wayward cats? Then plonk yourself down for an hour a week to bask in the glory that is NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! Hosted by Peter Sagal with the aid of Carl Kasell, Wait Wait delivers a week's worth of news in a delightfully playful and clever game show. The show features both a rotating cast of panelists who "compete" against one another in-between callers and provide color commentary, as well as a series of games. The games include such variations as:

    Who's Carl This Time? In which Carl Kasell read three quotes from the news and the player must guess two correctly to win.
    Bluff the Listener Where a caller listens to three panelist each read a sensational story, two fictional and one real, and must choose the actual news story.

    Listener Limerick Challenge This is my personal favorite! Carl Kasell read a limerick based off of a recent news event, and the caller must supply the last phrase or rhyme of the poem.

    But not only the callers and panelists participate. One particular game, That's Not My Job, features a different guest each week that must answer trivia questions about something completely and totally unrelated to their life's work. The guests range from celebrities, singers, politicians, comedians, anyone of notoriety who is willing to take a chance.

    "Peter Sagal: According to research published in the science journal Nature, it was just 380 million years ago that two lonely sea creatures did what for the first time?
    Roy Blunt Jr.: Two lonely school teachers?

    Relevant Links:
    Download the Podcast here
    Main Website
    Wikipedia Page
    Store and Donation pages

    Content Rating: Aside from the occasional double entendre or mild vulgarity, this show is nice n' clean.

    Average Episode Length: Fifty minutes.

    Drinking Game: Drink every time a pun makes the audience groan.

    Release Schedule: An episode is released every Saturday.

    Music: Quick tidbits of songs are placed between the different games, each song relevant to the last news subject broached. Short, simple, segue-licious.

    Unintentionally Good Part: The inter-panelist bickering that breaks out when a news topic is discussed.

    Unintentionally Bad Part:
    They dared to mock my most beloved of sleeved blankets, he Slanket. The declared it was a knock-off of the cult-apparel-esque Snuggie, which is simply not true. In fairness, they did apologize the week after, but the insult to the Slanket's fleecy goodness still burns.

    Unrelated rating: Nine quips out of ten witty rejoinders.

    Now get to the listenin'!

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